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                  • Mid Autumn Festival Celebrating National Day Barbecue Party

                    2023-09-25Mid Autumn Festival Celebrating Nati...

                    This year's Mid Autumn Festival and National Day meet happily. In order to welcome the arrival of the Double Festival, on the evening of September 23rd, all employees and their families of KGI company gathered together to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day barbecue in the company's courtyard. The Mid - Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month ,the moon are round and round, and the Mid Autumn Moon cake is fragrant and sweet. Mid-Autumn Fest

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                  • 2023 Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday time

                    2023-09-252023 Mid Autumn Festival National Da...

                    Holiday time: From September 29th (Friday) to October 6th (Friday), a total of eight days off.We will come back starting from October 7th (Saturday). October 7th (Saturday) and October 8th (Sunday) are normal working days.

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                  • Housewarming feast

                    2023-07-17Housewarming feast

                    On July 16, Dongguan KingGold Industry Co.,Ltd. held a housewarming feast, which was a great success??!

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                  • Announcement of company relocation

                    2023-07-11Announcement of company relocation

                    Dear new and existing customers and suppliers:Thank you for your long-term support and cooperation. All employees of KGI Company would like to express their sincere gratitude! After years of steady development and continuous growth, the company's original office location can no longer meet its development needs. With the concerted efforts of all colleagues, the company has successfully completed the relocation of its new location and resumed normal work recently. The specific contact informa

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                  • Congratulation


                    Today is the first day of moving the factory. The housewarming is auspicious, and I wish business prosperity and abundant financial resources!

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                  • May Birthday Banquet

                    2023-05-29May Birthday Banquet

                    On the evening of May 26th, senior leaders of the company gathered to celebrate the birthday of employees in May, including birthday cakes, gifts, and dinners. On this special day, the company recognized and thanked the employees for their long-term hard work, and also expressed the company's care for the employees. Shaping excellent humanized management, promoting employees' trust in the enterprise, and promoting the healthy and healthy development of the enterprise.At the birthday part

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                  • Hunan tourism

                    2023-04-24Hunan tourism

                    In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the company team, in April 2023, the KGI company supervisor and outstanding employee delegation building event was held in Hunan. Under the careful arrangement of the tour group, we respectively clocked in five days to reproduce the splendor of the prosperous Han and Tang dynasties and inherit the millennium Hunan civilization - Tongguanyao Ancient Town of Xinhualian, the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan National Scen

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                  • One day tour to Changlu Farm in Foshan

                    2023-04-10One day tour to Changlu Farm in Fosh...

                    On April 9, 2023, in this world where all things awaken, spring flowers bloom, and the earth is fresh and graceful, a one day group building activity for KGI company employees was held as scheduled at Changlu Farm in Shunde, Foshan.

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                  • Traveling in Xishuangbanna

                    2023-03-27Traveling in Xishuangbanna

                    The manager group building activity of KGI Company was successfully held in Xishuangbanna from March 20, 2023 to March 24, 2023, marking the beginning of the company's plan to organize all employees to travel within the province, and executives and managers above to travel outside the province in stages and batches this year.

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                  • Women's Day

                    2023-03-08Women's Day

                    The plan of the year is spring. Spring always brings us dreams and hopes with its soft body and vigorous vitality. In March, the willows cling to the earth, spring returns to the earth, and everything recovers. March ushered in the bright spring, and also ushered in the most springtime festival for women.On March 5, when the 113th International Women's Day was approaching, KGI held a 3.8 festival celebration and barbecue activity in Liyuzhou with the theme of "Together with beauty and love".

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