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                  Enterprise Vision: build first-class quality, create international brand

                  Entreprise Spirit: innovation and high efficiency, united and hardworking,dutiful and dedication,have the courage to take responsibility.

                  Enterprise style: rigorous and realistic,hardworking,dare to struggle,due to lead.

                  Work Ethic: better,faster,save a little,innovate a little bit more,give a little bit more.

                  Enterprise Goals: achieve a new level in a new year to build the most competitive enterprise in this industry.

                  Business Philosophy: good reputation,spirit of dare to suffer,offer warm-hearted service to customers all over the world

                  Enterprise Mission: industry boosting, strive to realize every employee's dream!

                  Service Concept: do what the customers urgently want, think what the customers think, grow together with customers!

                  Team Culture: willing,cooperation, responsibility, caring, service and win-win.

                  Core Values: learn to learn, learn to be grateful, learn to sacrifice!

                  Enterprise View of Candicates: have a sense of belonging, ambitious, self-motivated, responsible, teamwork spirit!

                  Enterprise Person-employing View: give full scope to the talents and make full use of resources without wasting,do not let people suffer!


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