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                  Dongguan Kinggold Industry Co., Ltd. formerly known as Dongguan Kangfeng Metal Co.,Ltd was first established in 2003, abbreviated as KGI. It locates in the famous manufacturing city-Dongguan, Guangdong, adjoining to HK, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with very convenient transportation. It is a professional manufacturing enterprise of precision metal stamping, main products including shields/contacts/clips&clamps/non-standard terminals and progressive stamping,etc. We can provide a full range of services from product research and development, mould manufacturing, mass production, finished-parts assembling, testing, packaging to transportation.


                  Now our customers are mainly distributed in America, Germany, Canada, UK, France, etc. The business for Customers in Europe and America takes up more than 90% of our total revenue, at the same time, we have full-time sales engineer in the United States.The company attaches great importance to engineering, quality and foreign trade teams building, we have equipped with perfect engineering,quality and foreign trade personnel. In addition to this, in order to serve our customers better and reduce the occurrence of quality problems, our team will also go abroad to visit customers regularly to understand customers’ technical and quality requirements.


                  We have officially passed through ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification and carry out the work strictly according to system requirements. In order to fulfill market demand and quality requirements of customers at home and aboard, our company is equipped with perfect quality inspection equipment, such as projector, plating thickness tester, hardness tester, salt-spray testing machine, tensile tester,marble inspection platform, colorimeter, color assessment cabinet,digital height gauge, welding testing equipment and so on, so as to ensure inspection and control capability of precision metal parts.


                  KGI believes that technology is the guarantee of quality, so we attach great importance to the improvement of technology development and production capacity. All the moulds of KGI are independently researched, assembled and tested in our own factory. We have corresponding moulds manufacturing equipment and professional design and technical personnel, so we can provide the complete services from mould designing, manufacturing, assembling to installation and mould commissioning.


                  As a professional stamping parts manufacturer, KGI has more than 10 sets of precision stamping machines and currently daily output up to millions of pieces. In addition, we have been constantly improving production process and optimizing production machines and moulds for main products in order to improve production efficiency and quality stability , such as full production optimization from stamping to automatically drying,tape and reel packaging or tray packaging for shielding products, super high-speed production and packaging optimization for large volume of non-standard terminals, full inspection quality control optimization from stamping to assembly line for precision stamping parts. Meanwhile KGI also focus on quality control in production process,professional IPQC will regularly do first article inspection and random inspection during production and write down corresponding records according ISO standard. We also have an IQC who will do strict inspection for all the raw materials or out sourced parts which come into our factory. We also have two OQC, who will do inspection for all the parts shipped out for customers and write down corresponding inspection reports, and then guarantee the parts quality effectively.


                  At the same time to making good parts and satisfying customers, KGI also pays much attention to cultivation of talents and welfare of employees. All employees dormitory are full equipped with air conditioning. KGI also provides various entertainment facilities, such as KTV, gum equipment, basket ball, table tennis, ping-pong, badminton,etc. We often hold all kinds of internal and external competitions so as to provide employees with a variety of leisure activities and a nice working environment. KGI also organizes all kinds of internal and external training regularly for employees, so as to improve employees’ working ability and personal quality.


                  KGI has established a global sales network and comprehensive technical service system. All the time, KGI always regards helping customer to improve production level and product quality as our own responsibility, our attentive and perfect service is well received by customers. Insisting on the principle of quality, innovation, cooperation and win-win. KGI looks forward to work with you to achieve greater success together in business.


                  KGI will serve you wholeheartedly.

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