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                  MC Aluminum extrusions profile chassis for smart home ea controller

                  product name MC Aluminum extrusions profile chassis for smart home  ea controller
                  Process FlowExtrusion-Cutting-Drill holes-Tapping-Polishing-Wishing .
                  Product materialALU6063
                  Surface TreatmentAnodize
                  Applicationheat sink 
                  Packagingcarton packaging+pallet. Specifically per customer needs.
                  ServiceHigh Quality & Competitive Price & prompt delivery. 
                  Price term EXW, FOB Shenzhen/Guanzhou, CIF
                  certificate ROHS , ISO9001:2015



                  About Us


                  Dongguan Kinggold Industry Co.,Ltd, formerly known as Kangfeng is a production-oriented enterprise who is engaging in metal stamping and finished parts assembling. We can offer whole solutions from products designing, toolings manufacturing, mass production, assembling, packaging and shipment. What's more, KGI can also offer sheet metal parts, zinc and aluminum alloy die casting parts, aluminum extrusion heatsinks, CNC machining parts, investment casting parts, sand casting parts, plastic parts, silicon and rubber parts, electronic accessories and so on. Now 90% of the business is from European and American markets, the factory usable area is 6000㎡  and the total numbers of employees is 80.



                  *More than 10 Years of Professional Experience

                  *Produced mechanical parts based on technical drawing/sample

                  *One -Stop Shopping from Drawing to Parts

                  *Best Service and Best Quality with Best Price

                  *Professional engineering and stable staff to work with

                  *100% QC Inspection Before Shipment

                  *Well-trained and Experienced Staff to Answer your inquiries

                  Working Procedure


                  Factory Tour and Equipment

                  圖片2.png  圖片3.png

                                       Factory Environment                                                       Equipment


                  圖片4.png                   圖片5.png


                  KGI Service

                  ?For all your inquires about our products, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours 

                  ?We offer OEM services. Can print customers’ logo on product

                  ?We have very experienced R&D engineers with strong ability to do ODM projects.

                  ?If appear products problems after receipt, you can return shipments within one month.

                  Contact Information

                  Contact person:Carina Wan

                  Tel: 86 769 81707802

                  Mob:86-186 810 160 27   

                  E-mail: yyb@kgicn.com

                  Add:Panling Industrial Zone,Taihe Road,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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